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CEPTCHA: It's a CAPTCHA, but much better

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Millions of people, every day have to prove to a robot that they are not a robot by doing ‘robot stuff’. They do a CAPTCHA. Selecting images with cars of traffic signs, typing blurry words or ticking a checkbox. And in doing so, they provide some interesting input for the technology companies.

CAPTCHAs are boring, derogatory, insulting and even inhumane.

After all we are human. We have unique human qualities. We can easily prove that we are human. So, why do we have to prove that we're not a robot? Give us a test that enables us to prove that we are human! Give us a CEPTCHA!


We are human. We eat/drink/stink (sometimes)/laugh/love/cry/fight/bleed and reproduce. We are very different from a computer.

CEPTCHA is not a test to prove that we are not a robot. CEPTCHA enables us to prove that we are human! CEPTCHA appeals to our unique, deeply human qualities.

CEPTCHA is a safe, fun test that allows us to prove and celebrate our humanity with a smile!

CEPTCHA: Don't prove you're not a robot, prove you're human!


How does it work?

Computers are not funny. Algorithms don't understand humor. They can't recognize jokes. People can. Humor is a unique, human quality. To prove you're human, the CEPTCHA asks you to find the right punchline for a joke. That's easy. At least for people.
The only thing you have to do is to select the right punchline and prove you're human.

The jokes are sometimes clever, sometimes silly, sometimes not very politically correct, sometimes they are. Most of them are easy. For you, because you are human. Computers don't understand even the easiest jokes. There are jokes about doctors, children, sex, school, men, women and - oh irony - a lot of jokes about computers.



We are still working hard to offer the perfect CEPTCHA. However you can already experience what it is like to use the CEPTCHA and experience what it feels like to prove that you are human in a dignified way. Just press the demo button.

CEPTCHA: a test that prove what humans CAN DO instead of what robots CAN NOT!

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Beta testers

We are looking for beta testers for our fantastic product. Do you have a site where you use a CAPTCHA to determine if your users are not robots? Stop it! Try a CEPTCHA and see if your users are humans! Even if you just want to test the CEPTCHA or want to stay informed, register yourself and we will keep you informed. Together we will work towards a world where people are respected and empowered to prove they are human.

CEPTCHA: Humor is a deeply human quality. Recognizing cars on pictures is not.

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CEPTCHA is an idea by Rens van der Vorst and a co-production of Fontys University of Applied Sciences and Headtilt. CEPTCHA is free, fun and f* important.
Press inquiries can be sent to please enable javascript or by phone: +31 (0)6 50 24 20 71. Rens works as a technophilosopher and often speaks, writes & debates the impact of technology on people and society.

CEPTCHA: It is fun. It is free. It is secure. It does justice to our deep human qualities.

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